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CodeIgniter 4 Framework

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP full-stack web framework that is light, fast, flexible and secure. More information can be found at the official site.

This repository holds the distributable version of the framework, including the user guide. It has been built from the development repository.

More information about the plans for version 4 can be found in the announcement on the forums.

The user guide corresponding to this version of the framework can be found here.

Important Change with index.php

index.php is no longer in the root of the project! It has been moved inside the public folder, for better security and separation of components.

This means that you should configure your web server to "point" to your project's public folder, and not to the project root. A better practice would be to configure a virtual host to point there. A poor practice would be to point your web server to the project root and expect to enter public/..., as the rest of your logic and the framework are exposed.

Please read the user guide for a better explanation of how CI4 works!

Repository Management

We use Github issues, in our main repository, to track BUGS and to track approved DEVELOPMENT work packages. We use our forum to provide SUPPORT and to discuss FEATURE REQUESTS.

This repository is a "distribution" one, built by our release preparation script. Problems with it can be raised on our forum, or as issues in the main repository.


We welcome contributions from the community.

Please read the Contributing to CodeIgniter section in the development repository.

Server Requirements

PHP version 7.3 or higher is required, with the following extensions installed:

  • intl
  • libcurl if you plan to use the HTTP\CURLRequest library

Additionally, make sure that the following extensions are enabled in your PHP:

  • json (enabled by default - don't turn it off)
  • mbstring
  • mysqlnd
  • xml (enabled by default - don't turn it off)